How Google Preemptible VMs Work (And Save You Money!)

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When it comes to virtual machines, Google Cloud Platform is anything but standard, which is no wonder why they mix things up by offering Google preemptible VMs. Traditionally, VMs only shut down when told to, but preemptible VMs only last up to 24 hours (if available at all), and you can stop them at any time. So the big question is — what’s the point?

Why to Use Google Preemptible VMs

Setting Up Google Preemptible VMs

To get the most out of your workload in performance, capability, and cost effectiveness, take advantage of the fact that you can attach local SSD drives and GPUs to preemptible VMs. Put your VMs in managed instance groups for the benefit of scalability while the instances are available to you.

Saving Money with Google Preemptible VMs

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