Azure Low Priority VMs and Spot VMs for Cost Savings

How Interruptible VMs Work

Azure Low Priority VMs

Azure Spot VMs

  • Stop/Deallocate (default) — when evicted, the VM is deallocated, but you keep (and pay for) underlying disks. This is ideal for cases where the state is stored on disks.
  • Delete — when evicted, the VM and underlying disks are deleted.

Azure Low Priority VMs vs. Azure Spot VMs

Azure Extra Capacity Options vs. AWS Spot Instances

  • Fixed vs. variable pricing — AWS spot instances have variable pricing while Azure low priority VMs have a fixed price as listed on the website
  • Integration & flexibility — AWS’s offering is better integrated into their general environment, while Azure offers limited options for low priority VMs (for example, you can’t launch a single instance) with limited integration to other Azure services.
  • Visibility — AWS has a broad availability of spot instances as well as a Spot Instance Advisor to help users predict availability and interruptibility. On the other hand, Azure has lower visibility into the available capacity, so it’s hard to predict if/when your workloads will run.

Should You Use Azure Low Priority VMs?



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