Azure Classic vs. ARM VMs: It’s Time to Migrate

Azure Classic vs. ARM VM Comparison

How to Migrate to Azure Resource Manager VMs

  • Migration of VMs, not in a virtual network — they will need to be on a virtual network on ARM, so you can choose a new or existing virtual network. These VMs will need to be restarted as part of the migration.
  • Migration of VMs in a virtual network — these VMs do not need to be restarted and applications will not incur downtime, as only the metadata is migrating — the underlying VMs run on the same hardware, in the same network, and with the same storage.
  • Migration of storage accounts — you can deploy Resource Manager VMs in a classic storage account, so that compute and network resources can be migrated independently of storage. Then, migrate over storage accounts.
  • Migration of unattached resources — the following may be migrated independently: storage accounts with no associated disks or VMs, and network security groups, route tables, and reserved IPs that are not attached to VMs or networks.



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